eBloque innovation takes everything where there’s record keeping, everything where there’s trust around record keeping, and makes it digital, immutable, permanent, transparent and global.

eBloque Healthcare Solutions

We strive to build blockchain enabled technology solutions to lower cost and reduce operational barriers

We strive to empower consumers to take control of their data in order to achieve autonomy

Secure and safeguard sensitive data through intuitive user interface, thereby increasing trust among users

Our philosophy is to empower our customers with trustworthy information

We Build

eBloque’s goal is to bring blockchain to businesses through our platform which offers unprecedented levels of scalability, security and transparency.


eBloque MVP

  • Transactional Data Exchange (testnet)
  • User Consent / auditability
  • User share his / her own data thru smart contract
  • Secure data exchange

eBloque Alpha

  • Transactional Data Exchange (LIVEnet)
  • Single trusted source of User Data
  • Compliant data exchange driven from consent thru smart contract.

eBloque Prime

  • Enablement of Robots (RPA) for information transfer from traditional data store to eBloque-chain.
  • Connected Organizations for seamless information exchange via eBloque-chain.
  • Efficiently migrate historical data into eBloque-chain via Robots.
  • Easy to use GUI / Smart devices compliant
  • Provide consent via Smartphone app’s
  • Anonymous Data available for Analytics.
  • Provider analytics for Authenticity.

eBloque Zenith

  • Enablement of AI models for Preventive diagnostics.
  • AI enable setup to provide diagnostics based on Deep Learning Models with automated notifications.
  • Analysis on the Anonymous data for proactive monitoring and decision making.
  • Auto Notification.
  • Implement and integrate different modules for 360 visibility on Organizational data.

eBloque Apex

  • Zenith with Public Blockchain Rollout
  • Inter Vertical ebloque-chain connectivity (different industry segments)
  • Connected cities / states / Country.


eBloque’s distributed architecture resolves the competing challenges of transparency and privacy, leading to stronger regulatory compliance, lower costs and a seamless customer experiences.

eBloque technology provides a way to record and transfer data that is transparent, safe, auditable, and resistant to outages. This technology and our approach has the ability to make organizations that use it transparent, democratic, decentralized, efficient, and secure. This will likely disrupt many industries in the coming years. These are some of the industries that we are already disrupting.